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The Holiday Stocking Drive is Afoot!

From November 5 through December 3, we celebrate our annual Holiday Stocking Drive, filling stockings with a specific list of items in need that are distributed by The Night Ministry, a Chicago-based organization founded 45 years ago by a UCC minister providing human connection, housing support, and health care to those who are unhoused or experiencing poverty.
The Holiday Stocking Drive is Afoot!

You can join us in this wonderful holiday initiative! We will be filling vibrant stockings with a specific assortment of personal hygiene items, along with some winter hats & gloves and other requested items. And Ivanhoe has again been asked to also assist in filling backpacks with specific requested items. 

Stockings are available in the Great Room downstairs, and each stocking has sewn into it the specific list of items it needs to be filled with. If it's more convenient for you, a donation of $25.00 will cover the cost of purchasing the items, and a backpack or stocking will be filled on your behalf. You can use the online link on the church website to donate.

On December 3, we'll collect these and deliver them to The Night Ministry. Each December, The Night Ministry creates a special holiday atmosphere by providing a special dinner with music where ach client receives a stuffed holiday stocking – approximately 1500 in all. These stockings are primarily distributed from the Health Outreach Bus, a fully equipped and staffed bus with medical professionals that makes nightly stops on designated street corners, while the backpacks, which are a more convenient way to carry their supplies, are primarily delivered by the Street Medicine and the CTA teams – There are approximately 500 backpacks given out. 

If you have any questions or need more information, please feel free to reach out to Karen Wisby or the Church Office at or 847-566-5204. Thank you for your support and generosity in assisting those in need this holiday season.

Night Ministry Table in Church with stockings